Be More Powerful, Productive and Persuasive With Improved Memory Skills 

Every day, millions of people are asking themselves: "Where did I set those keys?" "Did I turn on the alarm system?" "What I told him, was that right?" They rack their brain looking for that misplaced file, scratch their head trying to recall a name and wish they could remember what they promised their boss they would follow up with.

Memory is a valuable personal asset and it can be taught! On Oct. 22, MCUL & Affiliates will present two, half-day Memory Magic workshops, in Lathrup Village at Michigan First CU. Memory expert, author and renowned speaker Paul Mellor will deliver the session, returning with rave reviews he received as a speaker at last year's MCUL & Affiliates Annual Convention and Exposition.

Dozens who saw his presentation requested to bring him back so that frontline, operations, supervisory and managerial staff could have the opportunity to learn valuable memory tools that are so critically valuable in a credit union setting. Registration, priced at just $99 per person, is available for the morning or afternoon workshop. Help employees be more productive, confident and use their time most effectively. Click here to learn more and to register.

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