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... Ring, ring. It is the Telephone Collection School calling. This important training session is taking place Nov. 7 at the Somerset Inn in Troy. Plan ahead and give collectors the tools they need to face the challenges of collecting when loans go into default. The educational investment to attend is just $169 person. Learn more and register now by clicking here.
... Be sure to REMEMBER! Memory Magic is coming to Lathrup Village, Oct. 22, for both a morning and afternoon session. Help prepare frontline staff to remember important details following a robbery. Make it easy for employees to remember members’ names and faces. Provide techniques for remembering any number. Registration is only $99 per person. Register early!.Sign-up now and learn more here.
... An Understanding Endorsements audio session will take place Aug. 8 from 11 a.m. to noon in cooperation with the Illinois CU League. Having an understanding of endorsements is crucial to making sound check cashing decisions. A check is a unique type of contract where ownership can be transferred by way of the endorsement on the back of the item. The informative session will cover who is entitled to endorse a check, what is a valid endorsement, bearer versus order checks, endorsements for deceased parties and much, much more. The educational investment to participate is just $129 per connection. Learn more and register online here.

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