Michigan Leads Again in Financial Education Presentations in Schools 

Michigan once again leads the country in financial education presentations made to students and is second in number of students reached.

The National Youth Involvement Board said that Michigan credit unions reported giving 2,181 financial education presentations, reaching 44,945 students. Only North Carolina recorded more students reached, but the overwhelming majority of those presentations were made by State Employees CU, the country’s third-largest credit union.

Rounding out the top five in presentations were Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Oregon. Texas had 1,440 presentations.

Measuring students reached, North Carolina was on top with 56,308 and Michigan was second with 44,945. Rounding out the top five were Texas, Oklahoma and California.

Several credit union professionals from Michigan are involved in or recognized by the NYIB this year as follows:

The NYIB is a nationwide network of volunteer youth advocates from the credit union movement with a mission to equip the credit union industry to reach youth. The group released the annual report during their annual conference in July. In addition to providing resources on its website and during their annual conference, it also serves an important role in gathering reporting data from credit union financial educators about the number of financial education presentations given to youth each year and the number of youth reached. This is very helpful to show the combined and impressive impact that credit unions are making in this area – to show the credit union difference.

Here are some key numbers from the report, which provides data on financial education presentations to youth by credit union professionals. 

All numbers are for the reporting period of July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Top  States
Based on number of presentations given
1. Michigan  – 2,181 
2. Texas  – 1,440
3. North Carolina  – 824
4. Oklahoma –  754
5. Oregon  – 616

Top  States
Based on number of students reached
1. North Carolina – 56,308
2. Michigan – 44,945
3. Texas  – 24,835
4. Oklahoma  – 24,782
5. California  – 24,113

Student Credit Unions
In addition to classroom presentations, at last count, 59 different Michigan credit unions operated 375 student credit unions in Michigan K-12 schools to help students get into the saving habit and learn about personal money management.

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