Get CDFI Certification for Your Credit Union 

Offered by the U.S. Treasury's CDFI Fund, the CDFI certification is a fundamental building block for credit unions serving predominantly low-income consumers and financially underserved communities. The CDFI certification is a valuable credential that helps interested credit unions increase their capacity to meet the needs of the low- to moderate-income market and more effectively develop strategic partnerships to better reach out to and connect with these populations.

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions is hosting a webinar on Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. where credit union leaders can learn about obtaining CDFI certification.

In addition to making credit unions eligible to apply for up to $125,000 in Technical Assistance and $2 million in Financial Assistance, the CDFI certification provides access to additional initiatives, such as the CDFI Fund's Bond Guarantee Program; the Federal Home Loan Bank's Community Development Program; the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Loan Guarantee Program, and much more.

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The federation played an instrumental role in the establishment of the CDFI Fund and is the credit union authority in all things CDFI. We work closely with the CDFI Fund and represent the vast majority of CDFI certified credit unions.

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