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CRI Survey, CU@Soup Event 

Complete the Short 2012 CRI Survey to Show the Collective CU Difference
The Community Reinvestment Initiative Survey, now in its seventh year, gathers vital information about credit unions in Michigan for the CRI Annual Report. The CRI survey data and additional Michigan credit union data will be compiled in the comprehensive 2013 CRI Annual Report to communicate to lawmakers, credit union members, staff and governance leaders, the economic and social impact that make credit unions unique. 

All Michigan credit unions are urged to complete the survey to help us show the impressive collective impact credit unions make in Michigan. The survey is quick and easy with only 12 questions regarding credit union community outreach support activities. Please complete the CRI Survey soon – the deadline has been extended until Friday, Nov. 2.

The 2013 CRI Annual Report will focus on how credit unions have supported communities and consumers during the past year through community outreach and support of small business development, consumer personal asset growth through financial education and products like Save to Win.  

Please assist MCUL & Affiliates in demonstrating how the CU difference is put into action every day at Michigan credit unions by completing the survey. To access the online survey, click here. To view the 2012 CRI Report, click here. If you have questions about the survey, contact Financial Education Coordinator Beth Troost, at (800) 262-6285, ext. 453.

CU@ Soup Event Brings Partners Together to Support New Business
Recently, dozens of people took part in CU@Soup, an event coordinated and hosted by Christian Financial CU in which attendees got to decide which budding small business would take home the proceeds of the event and a Michigan CU Foundation grant. CU@Soup was designed to be a launch pad for small businesses interested in getting funded and developing their business locally. Entrepreneurs pitch their concepts over soup at a community dinner where their potential customers and members get to listen and rate what they think of each concept. In the end, the attendees pick a winning pitch with the proceeds of the dinner going to the winner. The event also allows entrepreneurs to get in front of decision makers and community leaders which could lead to them getting additional advice, business loans or even community grants. This event was at the Velocity business collaboration center in Sterling Heights in partnership with community and civic partners supporting local small businesses. 

A short video recap of the event is now available on CUBE TV and can be viewed by clicking here. In the video, find out which of three business pitches won over the crowd to take home the prize, and hear about the winner’s plans for the future. You’ll also learn more about the event, made possible through a MCUF Community Reinvestment Initiative grant awarded to Christian Financial. That support, in turn, made it possible for the credit union to support a small business in its community.

The MCUF’s CRI Grants are available to support credit union and chapter community outreach activities. For more information, click here to visit the MCUF website.

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