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MBL Reintroduced, Huizenga, Upton and Peters Sign on as Original Co-Sponsors 

Supporters Reintroduce MBL
Federal lawmakers have an in-district work period this week, resuming votes in Washington next week. Several pro-active bills from the previous legislative session were re-introduced last week, including legislation to raise the MBL cap, allow credit unions access to supplemental capital, and eliminate the annual privacy notice requirement unless there has been a change to the policy. The MCUL communicated with our entire congressional delegation on these issues, asking each of them to sign on as an “original” co-sponsors. Three members put their support behind these issues, and many more will consider co-sponsor support in the next few weeks.

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Reps. Huizenga, Upton and Peters Sign on as Original Co-Sponsors
As the MCUL & Affiliates is pleased to report that Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Zeeland), a member of the Financial Services Committee, signed on as an original co-sponsor last week of regulatory relief legislation introduced last week that would eliminate the requirement that privacy notices be sent annually, unless there has been a change to the policy. Additionally, Reps. Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Township, member House Financial Services Committee) and Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph, Chairman, House Energy and Commerce Committee) signed on as original co-sponsors of legislation to raise the member business lending cap for credit unions. The MCUL is pleased to have their support as original co-sponsors. Click here to view the MCUL’s current federal legislative issue briefs.

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