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It’s Not Too Late – Promote Your Tax Discounts
Tax season is in full swing, but it’s not too late to get the word out about your credit union’s discounts from TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt. Promoting these discounts not only increases member loyalty, it also offers your credit union the chance to promote the many other services you provide for your members.

Top 5 Marketing Activities for this Tax Season:

  1. Order free printed statement inserts, take-ones and posters if you are enrolled in the Jackson Hewitt program.
  2. Post TurboTax Web banners in highly visible places on your credit union’s website home page and online/home banking site from now through April 15.
  3. Send dedicated tax emails to your members twice each tax season, before April 1.
  4. Promote your offers through social media. We’ll be adding tax-related social media articles from TurboTax to the Partner Center soon. There’ll be content links and recommended posting dates for the entire tax season to provide your members with valuable tips to help them complete their taxes on time.
  5. Include information in member newsletters, e-statements and other member communications throughout the season.

All of the marketing materials for these activities can be found here.

If you are enrolled at the TurboTax Promoter level you’ll also find links within this area to request custom sized web banners and assistance sending your required member emails. To access this area of the Partner Center you’ll need a login. To request one, click here. If you already have a login, but have forgotten it, just click the “forgot password” link to reset your password.

If you have any questions regarding your marketing requirements for the Invest in America tax programs, email

TurboTax Sweepstakes Winners
The four credit unions participating in the IIA TurboTax discount program listed below have had winners drawn for the first round of $500 prizes through the TurboTax Sweepstakes. If you’re participating at the Promoter level and haven’t posted your Sweepstakes banners on your website home page or emailed your members to notify them of the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes through your credit union’s TurboTax microsite, there’s still time for your members to enter. There are still six $500 prizes remaining and three grand prizes of double their refund (or liability) up to $5,000 each. But hurry – your members must start their return through your credit union’s TurboTax sweepstakes microsite before Feb. 28 for a chance to win.

Prize                          Financial Institution
$500 Prize Winner     Co-op Services CU
$500 Prize Winner     CDC FCU
$500 Prize Winner     Navy FedeFCU
$500 Prize Winner     BCU

Real-time GM Member Authorization Request Report Coming Soon
Credit unions participating in Invest in America’s Credit Union Member Discount from GM currently receive weekly authorization request reports. That means IIA is sending your credit union a list and contact information of every member that requests an authorization number for the GM discount. These members are hot leads for auto loans. Thanks to your feedback, GM and Invest in America have developed the technology to provide credit unions real-time member authorization number request reports. When a member of an IIA GM participating credit union requests an authorization number to receive the Credit Union Member Discount from GM, we’ll be able to provide that member’s information to your credit union immediately. This will give credit unions the ability to quickly reach out to their members and help them secure credit union auto financing.
We plan on launching this initiative during the second quarter 2013. In addition to the real-time report, credit unions will continue to receive the weekly summary report as well and can also find cumulative reports in the Partner Center.

Due to the frequency and time sensitivity of this report, credit unions enrolled in IIA’s GM discount program will be required to provide a single contact or group inbox in order to participate. Provide the email address of the assigned contact person in your credit union to IIA will send the designated individual(s) an email notification once the system is ready for release.

Sprint Verification Can Help Your Members Save and Your Credit Union Keep its Marketing Incentive
The Sprint Credit Union Member Discount has helped credit unions receive valuable incentives and members save big on their wireless services. Invest in America wants these benefits to continue for you and your members. For this to happen, it’s important for you to remind your members about membership verification. If a customer hasn’t validated their credit union membership, they lose their discount (including any waived activation fees) and fall off of the credit union program – which will decrease your marketing incentive pool.

Sprint Verification App for iPhone and Android is Now Available
To help make the verification process easier, we have free Invest in America apps for both iPhone and Android. Members using an iPhone can visit the Apple App Store while members using an Android can find the app in the Android Market.  This app also lists all other Invest in America discounts.

Let your members know about the Sprint Verification App in your next newsletter and on your website. Make it easy for your members to download by including the Apple and Android links above or a QR code that we have in the Sprint Marketing Materials section in the Partner Center.

New customers are required to verify within 30 days of activation. Current credit union Sprint customers have to provide proof of credit union membership when they upgrade their device if it’s been more than 20 months since their last validation. If your members would rather fax in their verification form, the form and instructions can be found here.

If you have any questions, contact Lisa Treat, director of the Sprint partnership at (800) 262-6285, ext. 523, or

Credit Union Auto Club is Newest Invest in America Discount
Credit Union Auto Club, Invest in America’s newest discount partner, was created exclusively for credit union members and offers a wide range of roadside assistance services and other benefits at a significant savings compared to competing auto club plans.

If your credit union enrolls in the Credit Union Auto Club program during the pilot and actively markets it to your members, your credit union can earn marketing reimbursements of at least $5* per membership purchased. Visit the Credit Union Auto Club program overview page in the Partner Center to enroll your credit union and for complete marketing requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about Credit Union Auto Club, join us for an informational webinar on any of the following dates at 2 p.m. EST:

If you would like to attend one of the listed informational webinars, please email and log-in information will be provided.

*Current plan pricing and marketing reimbursements are for the pilot program. Final plan pricing and marketing reimbursement is subject to change based on results and market intelligence obtained during pilot program.

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