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Online Marketing and Advertising; Digital Signage; Grow Savings with SaveUp and Save to Win 

Diving into the Online Marketing and Advertising World

To be truly effective these days, your credit union needs to balance both traditional and online marketing. Online marketing is not only efficient and reliable; it’s the perfect way to segment your campaign. Credit unions of all sizes are starting to realize that to stay viable into today’s market, they need to have a strong online marketing strategy.

Marketing Solutions has several different ways to dive into the world of online marketing:

Chat with the Marketing Solutions online specialists to see what option is best for your credit union. Call 800.262.6285, email or click here to visit the online marketing Web page.

Signage in the Digital World
Whether you’re in McDonald’s, the movie theatre or your favorite store – have you noticed a new trend? Digital signage seems to be everywhere these days. The reasons behind this are simple: it has a major visual impact, plus it’s easy to implement and maintain.

With its Popstar Digital Signage Solution, Marketing Solutions can help your credit union maximize the reach, impact and results of its marketing, communication and education programs. Popstar can also help you effectively manage and deliver all kinds of content to your credit union lobby to create and display customized advertising for its products and services.
Popstar Digital Signage Solution offers:   

To learn more about Marketing Solutions’ Popstar Digital Signage Solution and to take advantage of its powerful, flexible, easy-to-use and complete end-to-end network management system call (800) 262-6285 or email

A lot of factors go into determining if a credit union could benefit from putting a microsite in place. The Technology Solutions team has found several really great reasons to have a microsite for your credit union:

They can create a unique design for your credit union’s microsite and associate it with a specific URL. Technology Solutions’ programmers can also create any special forms or functions you’d need – anything to help your microsite make a big splash with current or potential members. If you’re already a Technology Solutions Web client, you can use its content management system to manage your microsite as well.

To have Technology Solutions create a microsite for your credit union call (800) 262-6285 or email Learn more about micosites here.

Grow Savings Accounts with SaveUp and Save to Win

The number of Americans who have any savings is dwindling every year. To help your members save and to grow savings accounts at your credit union, CU Solutions Group and MCUL & Affiliates offer the 2013 SaveUp and Save to Win Marketing Incentive program.

SaveUp is a unique online member rewards and engagement program that encourages members to save money and pay down debt while they share their financial goals with you. Your members will be able to track their savings and debt progress, learn about personal finance and play games for free – all to win life-changing prizes.

Save to Win has motivated credit union members to save millions of dollars each year. Members participate in the program by opening a special 12-month share certificate (similar to a certificate of deposit or CD). Deposits into the account earn chances to win monthly and quarterly cash prizes as well as a grand prize.

If your credit union signs up to offer one or both programs to its members this year, starts its marketing efforts in the first half of the year and completes them by the end of 2013, MCUL & Affiliates will extend a marketing reimbursement of $5,000 to your credit union. 

To sign up for either program or for more information:


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