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Expand your Field of Membership, Expand Your Credit Union 

Is your membership base getting older and you’re looking to bring some new life into your credit union? Or do you have younger members and are looking for ways to attract more established members? CUcorp can help your credit union accomplish either of these tasks and more by working with you to expand your field of membership (FOM).

When a credit union is looking to develop and grow, expanding your FOM is a proactive and effective approach. CUcorp’s FOM consulting experts can guide your credit union through the process and help you prepare the necessary paperwork for your NCUA and state applications.

How We Can Help
The FOM expansion application process, whether it’s for your state or the NCUA, can be a daunting, arduous task. Our experts can help your credit union compile and formulate the required information so you can submit a thorough and comprehensive application.

Here’s an example of the information we’ll need to gather for your Field of Membership request:

How Long and How Much?
Our CUcorp FOM consulting experts work with your credit union to collect the above information and to develop a realistic timetable to execute the applications.
If your credit union is looking to grow and could use assistance from CUcorp’s field of membership expansion consultants, contact Aaron Adams at (734) 793-4294.

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