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Incentive Planning and Rewards as Part of Total Compensation for Your Employees 

Each year, credit union boards grapple with the issue of how to best structure their compensation plan to recognize employees that contribute to success and growth. To control salary budgets, many credit unions have supplemented base pay with a “variable pay” component to incent and reward eligible staff with “at-risk” bonuses for the accomplishment of strategic goals. This compensation strategy is a proven way to control base pay budget, motivate key contributors and show documented results and ROI.

HRN Performance Solutions’ offers an incentive rewards solution designed to funnel your incentive dollars to those employees who perform and help your credit union achieve its strategic objectives. It includes:

For more information about building the perfect incentive compensation plan contact Mike Dougal, director of HR Consulting for HRN Performance Solutions at or 717-264-0529. Learn more about HRN’s HR Consulting Services here. HRN also offers Compease, a salary planning and compensation program to help you manage employee compensation with ease. Click here for more information. 

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