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Assistance with Ever-increasing Regulatory Burden 

Is your credit union feeling overwhelmed with the continuing regulatory compliance burden? Are you in need of assistance with training or human resources? Do you need assistance developing and implementing your credit union’s strategic plan? Are you struggling with asset liability management or board governance? While Michigan’s economy is growing stronger it still faces a struggle ahead, proving that credit unions, while strong, are still faced with many economic, environmental and regulatory challenges. MCUL and Affiliates’ Consulting Solutions team can provide the assistance your credit union needs to face the challenges head on and continue to prove why credit unions are great.

Compliance Consulting
Our team of Compliance Consultants can provide the support you need to address regulatory changes as well as identify areas of your organization that require strengthening to be complaint with current requirements. The consultants can provide your credit union with an overall compliance review, conduct required annual audits specific to Bank Secrecy Act, Automated Clearing House and the SAFE Act as well as assist in the review of marketing materials. Whether it be on a project basis, such as conducting one audit, to a shared-staffing arrangement that provides you with compliance expertise and support on a more frequent basis throughout a contract year, our Compliance Consultants can customize a plan to help with your specific compliance needs.

For more information or to contact a compliance consultant please send an email to

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