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CU Link Cooperative Advertising Campaign: Ideas for Integration 

With the CU Link Michigan cooperative advertising campaign in full swing, the nearly 60% of participating Michigan credit unions can help reinforce our messages by integrating components of the campaign into their own marketing initiatives.

Below are some ideas on how your credit union can help spread the word about CU Link Michigan and the value of belonging to a credit union.

Create and Maintain Your Profile Page on the CU Link Michigan Website
All participating credit unions were sent instructions on how to create and maintain your profile page on This is your opportunity incorporate your credit union’s individual brand and value proposition with the campaign. We want to make sure that anyone who accesses will find your credit union profile with proper links to your website when searching for a credit union close to them.

Fully Utilize the Marketing Kits Sent to Each Branch
Each participating credit union should have received a marketing kit at each of their branches. Marketing kits include branch collateral—posters and take ones. By incorporating these items as part of your merchandising plans, you reinforce the messages members and prospects may have seen and heard as part of our campaign. 

Include the CU Link Michigan Logo on Your Website, Emails and Newletters
By reinforcing the CU Link Michigan image, you connect your members to the media messages in your market with the goal of connecting the messages back to your individual credit union.

You can request the CU Link Michigan logo by emailing

Leveraging the Campaign on Social Networking Sites Including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
The 2013 campaign strives to reach the next generation of credit union members who tend to be mobile   and always connected through the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and social networks.

If your credit union is on Facebook, be sure to like and share the CU Link Michigan Facebook page. When you share our page, include some additional details about the page you are sharing such as, “Learn why it’s better to be with a Michigan credit union.“ or “Like this page to help us share the good news about your credit union and credit unions in Michigan.”

More recently, both our television and radio ads have been uploaded to the league’s YouTube channel. YouTube allows you to embed our ads on your website, and to share them on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. By sharing these traditional media in non-traditional channels, we have an opportunity for our message to reach a segment of the population who’s radio listening and television viewing habits differ from generations past.

If you have any questions or ideas of your own on how credit unions can integrate, feel free to email us at

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