From the Archives: July 2013

Eighty-five Percent of Full-Share CUs Opt in for CU Link Integration 

MCUL & Affiliates is pleased to report that 62 out of our 73 full-share credit union participants have opted in for an 85% participation rate.

These 62 credit unions will have the opportunity to receive a reimbursement of $0.62 for every $1 contributed to the CU Link campaign when they integrate their own marketing activities with CU Link. The total amount available is $465,000.

Credit unions have already submitted ideas for integration. These have included a co-branded direct mail to prospective members, a co-branded cable TV spot promoting auto loans, and a co-branded event sponsorship banner.  Several credit unions have also sought the assistance of CU Solutions Group’s Marketing Solutions team to help with their integration efforts.

Co-branding and marketing integration are integral parts to helping further spread the good news about Michigan credit unions.

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