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Making Managers More Effective 

There is a lot of talk about what makes an effective manager. In a word, communication. CU Solutions Group’s Performance Solutions conducted several staff surveys of credit unions with 100-250 employees. One survey was sent to managers and another to employees. The results show how communication directly relates to employee performance and the execution of credit union goals:

Tying individual goals to your credit union’s overall goals, like loan growth, can help employees make the connection and inspire employees to strive for their best performance. Having an effective performance management system with a goal library and tracking tools that help managers and employees stay on track can mean the difference between success and failure at your credit union.
Performance Pro can help you accomplish all this and more. Click here to view an online Performance Pro product tour or to sign up for a free 30-day trial. Call (800) 940-7522 or email for more information.

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