From the Archives: August 2013

Workgroup Convenes on Scrap Metal Package 

A work group to discuss blight-related scrap metal issues has convened in an attempt to come to an agreement on controversial portions of an existing legislative package to place heightened requirements and penalties on the scrap industry. As amended, the bills would increase the amount and type of information logged by scrap metal purchasers, including a photo of both the metal purchased and the vehicle in which the metal was delivered. Another provision creating controversy among lawmakers and the industry includes a three-day delayed payment for specific types of transactions.

While the intent of the package remains very positive, it appears additional amendments will be necessary to increase support from committee members and the scrap metal industry. Credit unions continue to be negatively impacted by the rising theft and costs related to stolen pipes and other metal fixtures from foreclosed properties. MCUL supports legislative reforms that could increase the number of scrap metal thieves caught and prosecuted by law enforcement, and will continue to participate in workgroups and other meetings as the package is further discussed.

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