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2014 CU Link Campaign Planning in Full Swing 

This year’s CU Link campaign set a new record total in contributions from credit unions across the state, helping to further expand consumer awareness of Michigan credit unions. And MCUL & Affiliates is looking to carry this momentum into 2014.

Using the current strategic platform of “It’s Time to Own Your Money,” MCUL has already started planning for 2014. SMZ Advertising has presented a number of creative concepts to MCUL’s marketing team for review.

In mid-August, several of these concepts were tested with consumers using focus groups in the Grand Rapids and SE Michigan markets. Concepts were reviewed with groups of credit union members and nonmembers to understand which execution best resonated and which one was the most compelling to change behavior.

Credit unions who participate on our CU Link Committee got a sneak peek at the creative concepts and consumer reaction at an August meeting.

Your credit union can also start planning for the 2014 CU Link campaign. As you build your marketing budget for next year, remember to include your CU Link contribution. Unless your credit union had a significant change in assets or members as a result of a merger, the requested full-share contribution amount will be comparable to 2013. 

There is a distinct advantage to making a full-share contribution. Credit unions who contribute at the full-share level can opt-in to receive reimbursement when they integrate their marketing efforts with CU Link. This year, the reimbursement rate was 63 cents for every $1 contributed, or for example, a full-share contribution of $10,000 would have provided $6,300 in marketing integration reimbursement funds. 

When you are developing your marketing plan, consider this advantage of making a full-share contribution, and how CU Link integration can fit into the equation. 

If you have questions about our CU Link campaign planning or how you can best integrate with the campaign, email us at

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