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Equipment Management Solutions Offers Cost Savings 

In today’s financial environment, the ever-increasing cost of equipment ownership has heightened the need for credit unions to reduce expenses, increase efficiencies and plan for tomorrow. The Equipment Management Solutions program from Great American Insurance Group effectively assists credit unions in accomplishing this and more.

With EMS, costly equipment service contracts are replaced with a single, comprehensive, multivendor, equipment service agreement that allows credit unions to reduce and control equipment service costs while maintaining a capped budget. Covered costs are capped annually which allows credit unions to budget equipment maintenance and repair expenses with certainty.
With guidance from Great American’s experienced EMS consultants, organizations select the equipment to be enrolled in the program and then determine what level of coverage is needed.

When service is needed, a call is simply placed to the preselected service vendor or Great American’s 24/7 service dispatch center.

Service options include original equipment manufacturers, independent service organizations and in-house service technicians.

Managing equipment service needs with the EMS program offers many advantages including:

EMS protection is available on a wide range of equipment including, but not limited to, financial, security, office, facility, information technology and telecommunications.

For additional information, click here or contact CUSG Lending & Insurance Consultant Alan Babcock at (800) 262-6285, ext. 252, or

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