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Work Continues in the State Legislature to Address Issues Affecting the Credit Union Industry 

Throughout the 2013-14 legislative session, the MCUL & Affiliates has been actively working with the state Legislature to address issues currently impacting the credit union industry in Michigan.

This past spring, prior to the summer recess, significant foreclosure process reform legislation was enacted. Due to the limited time frame at the end of the spring session, there were several possible and beneficial amendments that were not considered. The MCUL is participating in the governor’s workgroup to craft language which addresses the remaining questions and concerns. From an industry side, the homeowner’s right to cure damage prior to the summary possession action needs to be reworked, and stronger liability provisions against those borrowers who abandon a property without notice to the purchaser would be very beneficial.

The issue of blight is something the MCUL has been working diligently to address. Earlier this year, the Senate introduced a bipartisan package of bills addressing blight violations, SB 35-39. MCUL initially opposed these bills as they were introduced, as they exposed credit unions to penalties and fines for blight violations not created by the institution. After several meetings and discussions with the bill sponsor’s, an amendment proposed by the MCUL to exempt regulated depository institutions from the legislation was introduced and adopted in committee. MCUL supports the legislation as amended, and while this legislation has been passed by the Senate, they are still awaiting consideration by the House Committee on Local Government. This legislation will continue to be monitored to ensure the amendment is retained as it moves through the House chambers. 

Additionally, MCUL has been working on legislation to address specific issues brought to our attention by individual credit unions. This includes changes to portions of the Uniform Commercial Code to outlawing the sale or passion of card skimming devices. Although language has not yet been introduced, many of these issues are currently in the drafting stages.

As bills come up for votes and testimony, and new language is dropped, MCUL will work to keep you updated on the progress being made on the issues affecting the credit union industry at the state level. If you have any questions regarding state legislative activities do not hesitate to contact Kieran Marion, vice president of governmental affairs, at or Jordan Kingdon, director of government affairs, at

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