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CU Difference: How Your Dues Rebate Can Make A Difference 

As previously reported, the MCUL & Affiliates is preparing to once again provide dues-paying, member credit unions with a 50% dues rebate for 2013. 

This comes at a time when CUNA is calling on all credit unions to Unite for Good – to speak with a common voice, and to ensure that voice is heard with lawmakers, with the media and ultimately with consumers.
We are providing our credit unions two options for your rebate that can help us further our advocacy over the long-term.

First, you have the option to commit your rebate to the CURE issue advocacy fund, which is used for special issue advocacy and advertising. By doing so, you’d be helping MCUL to create a “war chest” of sorts, so that when something comes up, such as the potential tax on credit unions, or Bank Transfer Day, or any other issue impacting credit unions, we are armed and ready to take on issues on your behalf. This fund could also be used to run ads that thank lawmakers who are supportive of credit union issues.

The second option would be to commit your rebate check to the 2014 CU Link campaign. Again, this would serve to further the movement’s advocacy in giving the league the ability to share the credit union difference with even more consumers and lawmakers. This year, Michigan credit unions contributed a record $1.1 million which was matched by $1 million from MCUL. This option would allow you to consider adding to that fund for 2014.

Of course, you have the option to simply take the rebate and do with those funds as you see fit.

Watch for an email in the coming weeks that will give you the opportunity to share your preference.

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