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Why Content is King 

If your credit union’s marketing team isn’t adopting the philosophy that “content is king,” then it’s missing a valuable opportunity. Every postcard or statement insert you send out, every brochure or flyer in your lobby and every page of your website are all golden opportunities to reconfirm your credit union’s brand, voice and image. Does all of your marketing output showcase your credit union’s personality or highlight the credit union difference? If not, then you might want to rethink your approach.

Solid, consistent content not only makes your credit union more distinct in the mind of its members, it’s also a chance to improve search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. SEO uses top keywords throughout the website to help ensure your site is one of the first people will see when conducting an Internet search. Make sure that these keywords are consistently used throughout all of your marketing, such as radio and TV, which might prompt a Web search. This is especially important if the consumer can’t remember your credit union’s name.

Whether your credit union is smallish or its marketing team is already overworked, working with a professional copywriter for marketing materials or Web content might be a good alternative. This can ensure consistent messaging throughout your collateral; that your staff won’t be overtaxed; and that your website’s SEO content is solidly in place.

To make sure your credit union’s content is all it can be visit, email or call 800-262-6285.

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