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MCUF Donors Make a Difference 

The Michigan CU Foundation would like to thank and recognize the donors that helped make a difference in the Michigan credit union community in 2013. MCUF donors included 100 credit unions, 16 chapters, 10 credit union business partners and MCUL & Affiliates. Together, these donors helped the foundation provide more than $100,000 in support to help Michigan credit unions succeed.

Michigan residents trust in credit unions as a premier source of quality financial services and look to them as an important partner in community-building outreach. MCUF’s grants and scholarships help credit unions ensure and sustain those key attributes for the benefit of all credit unions in the state. MCUF assisted 100 credit unions with 243 scholarships and 18 grants in 2013.

Thank you to the many donors who pitched in to support the Michigan credit union community through the MCUF. The 2013 donor list shows widespread support among credit unions of all asset sizes as well as with chapters and credit union business partners. 

MCUF would especially like to thank the following 2013 supporters that donated at the Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels with contributions of $1,000 or more: Alpena Alcona Area CU, American 1 CU, Central Macomb Community CU, Christian Financial CU, CO-OP Financial Services, Co-op Services CU, Cornerstone Community Financial, Detroit Metropolitan CU, Downriver Chapter, Educational Community CU, First General CU, Huron Valley Chapter, Jackson Area Chapter, KALSEE CU, Lake Trust CU, Members CU, Members First CU, Metro East Chapter, MCUL & Affiliates, Michigan First Foundation, Michigan Schools and Government CU, MSUFCU, Moon Chapter, Mortgage Center, Motor City Co-op CU, Northland Area FCU, Oakland County CU, Service 1 FCU, Settlers FCU, United Educational CU, Upper Peninsula Chapter and Wildfire CU.
MCUF is looking forward to expanded support and outreach in 2014. With the help of donors, the MCUF board looks forward to providing these resources to help Michigan credit unions succeed:   

Small Credit Union Support

Executive Development Support

Financial Education Support

Community Reinvestment Support

Credit unions are encouraged to engage with the foundation by making an annual donation and by participating in our funding opportunities as outlined above. To make supporting the MCUF easier, an option will allow 2014 donations to be made along with the MCUL & Affiliates membership dues.  Information about supporting the MCUF and about current grants, scholarships and awards can be found on the MCUF website.

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