From the Archives: January 2014

Developing Your Credit Unionís Digital Marketing Strategy 

With the New Year upon us, many credit unions are looking beyond marketing budgets and plans and diving into marketing strategies for 2014. In this day and age, no marketing strategy is complete without including a digital marketing strategy.

The shift from traditional to digital marketing can present both new challenges and new opportunities for credit union marketers. A major way to ensure you don’t fall behind the curve with this shift is to have thorough and reliable data. Knowing more about your membership, like what their financial needs really are and where they exist online, puts you one step further towards building a successful digital marketing strategy.

CU Solutions Group’s marketing research team can help you unlock this data. From SEO and social media, its researchers can help your credit union generate leads from numerous online sources. To discover how marketing research from CU Solutions Group can help your credit union implement its digital marketing strategy, call (800) 262-6285, email or visit   

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