Small Credit Unions Support and Utilize Foundation 

Beth Troost
Michigan CU Foundation Executive Director

One of the best qualities of Michigan’s small credit unions is how they help each other.  Whether it is sharing advice and policies on the SAS list serve or learning together at Chapter and State events, few other industries can boast such helpful support and sharing. 

The Michigan CU Foundation is a very important way that small credit unions help each other and the entire Michigan credit union community. Fueled by the donations of 73 credit unions, 10 chapters and 10 credit union business partners, the MCUF provided nearly $90,000 in support to Michigan credit unions in 2012 in the form of scholarships for employee educational development and grants for community outreach projects. 

Small credit unions participated in both supporting and utilizing the MCUF in 2012 and are encouraged to continue to do so in 2013. The 2012 donor list boasts the support of twenty-six small asset sized credit unions. Supporting small credit unions with employee educational scholarships makes up a majority of the funding activity of the MCUF, with more than 200 educational development scholarships provided in 2012 to employees from 66 small credit unions.  
The MCUF support activity also includes community outreach grants and scholarships open to all Michigan credit unions. A total of 100 Michigan credit unions and 249 credit union employees benefitted from the foundation in in 2012 including: