Custom Campaigns and Websites at an Affordable Price 

By Amy Neale
Creative Communications Coordinator for CU Solutions Group

We realize it’s not always in the marketing budget to plan, design and execute a new campaign or site. CU Solutions Group’s Create-a-Campaign and Create-a-Site are affordable and customizable solutions to get a professional campaign or website at a fraction of the cost.

Create-a-Campaign offers four distinct and carefully thought-out turnkey campaign designs, each one focusing on a different creative treatment, lifestyle characteristics and overall approach. Each look has materials to promote checking accounts, savings accounts, auto loans and credit cards. You make it yours by choosing from a selection of color palettes, coordinating photos and customizable bullet points, in addition to adding your credit union’s name, contact information and logo. Here are the four campaigns available:

(Color and photos are preselected for you in this campaign)

Although Create-a-Site uses templates in its designs, your credit union can customize it and make the turnkey site your own. You can choose between a large or small site, from nearly a dozen distinct designs, pre-populated content and a diverse assortment of various website modules. There are two Create-a-Site packages to select from:

The Essential Package

The Comprehensive Package
Includes the Essential Package plus:

For just a little bit extra, CU Solutions Group can even include a home banking login on the home page as well as consulting with a content development expert to write content just for you.

Let CU Solutions Group help further build your credit union’s brand with these affordable and easy-to-use solutions for your marketing materials and website. To learn more about Create-a-Campaign and Create-a-Site call (800) 262-6285, email or visit